Posted: August 29, 2011 in Old Issues
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Following are some writings selected from ANEEK, August, 2011 issue. 

Table of Contents and Editorial

Please check the links to read the following essays:

Adhikarer Rajneeti O Rajneetir Adhikar by Nilanjan Dutta
Tadanto Commission – Kichhu Prasongik Prosho by Samaresh Mitra
Paromanu Shakti Barjan Korle Manab Samaj Sankote Porbe – Ei Dharona Sampurno Bhranto by Sujoy Basu
Dalatantro Theke Janashakti – Uttoran Kon Pathe? by Subhankar Chanda

Please click the link to read the full issue:
ANEEK : 48th YEAR, 2nd ISSUE, AUGUST, 2011 

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