About Aneek

ANEEK, a Bengali sociopolitical monthly, started its journey first as PUNASCHA (quarterly) in April 1964 and then continued as ANEEK from March 1966. It became a monthly magazine from July 1972. In its long journey, ANEEK responded to the call of the hour from the mass upheavals of 1960s and turbulent 1970s to through the internal emergency and fall ofSoviet Union to the era of neo-liberal globalisation. During the internal emergency, (in June 1975) one issue of ANEEK was proscribed and its editor and one member of the editorial board were arrested for it. The publication of the magazine was suspended during the dark days of emergency. ANEEK resumed its journey from 1977 and is continuing till date without skipping a single issue.
ANEEK is a monthly magazine, publishing 10 issues in a year, with two special (joint) issues. Ordinarily, the issues deal with different current socio-political issues, while some issues are devoted to a single theme ( On Purba BanglaSocial Imperialism, On Agniyug, Indian National Congress, Bengali Renaissance, Problems of Socialism, Naxalbari, On Mao, On Stalin, On Marx, On Globalisation, Nandigram Massaacare, Special Economic Zone. etc.)
ANEEK has also published a number of books. Most of them are compilations of articles from “ANEEK” magazine, like “Pachinsh Bochorer GolpoKabita” etc.
From the last three years, ANEEK has started publishing thematic compilations of the articles published in ANEEK as part of celebration of completion of forty years (Banglar Renaissance, Bangladesh Prosonge, SEZ Prosonge).
ANEEK is published from C/o Peoples Book Society, 10/2 B, Ramanath Majumder Street, Kolkata- 700 009. It is available in Peoples Book Society, Patiram and Bookmark etc. in College Street, Kolkata.

Founder-Editor: Dipankar Chakraborty

Editors: Ratan Khasnobis, Sumita, Siddhartha, Subhashis and Pranab

Mobile: 9433724462 / 8902104987
Email: aneek.bm@gmail.com 
Blog: aneekpotrika.wordpress.com

Office: 10/2 B, Ramanath Majumder Street, Kolkata- 700 009 (Tuesday/Friday 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.)